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The week before the heart attack….business as usual

I had booked a trip to the Grand Canyon in the early Summer 2019. Since getting divorced, I have always attempted to visit one new place per year to be able to make an informed decision about where I will move after my kids graduate from high school.  This was one of those trips.

I was excited to get away as the pace I had been trying to keep with taking care of myself, my kids, my work and any other personal relationships I was trying to have, was beginning to seem more and more unsustainable.

I spent almost a week in Arizona visiting various places and seeing so far, the most breathtaking views these eyes have ever seen. When I returned from Arizona, it was quickly back to business as usual. Jumped right back into work, the kids schedules, gym life, etc. It was a busy week.  

That first weekend I was home was a kid weekend for me and we had a bunch of running around to do. I remember on that Friday night we spent chilling out at home and Saturday was filled with errands and getting ready for the week. My daughter had a cheerleading game that evening as well. 

For that Sunday, I had planned to go to the gym in the morning and complete The CrossFit Open 20.2 workout event as I was not home when to do it when it was released. I connected with one of my coaches to see if he could judge me that Sunday and he said yes so I met him the next day at 9am at the box.

I had no idea that that would be the day that my life would change forever.

Published by stentmommy

42 year old single mom of two teenagers, lover of CrossFit, avocado, texting instead of talking and widow maker heart attack survivor.

3 thoughts on “The week before the heart attack….business as usual

  1. Jess,
    Thank you for sharing. As a healthcare provider I understand ALL of the implications of a 100% LAD occlusion in a 40-something year-old female.
    You most assuredly had a power greater than yourself present and watching over you.
    I am proud that my fellow colleagues were so astute in your diagnosis and intervention. At times, our God guides us in providing the best care possible for our patients.
    I know of your strength, will, and determination and know you WILL get back to your baseline of fitness and health.
    My prayers are with you.
    Should you ever need to talk or have questions of a medical nature please feel free to reach out.
    Love to you.


  2. There is only one thing you need add to fix this problem that is a plant based diet. The majority of science agrees even though there is a lot of meat and dairy funded studies against it. Give it a try for a couple months at this point you have nothing to loose and as far as I see it helps all that try it.


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