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I was speaking with a friend and I felt like she accurately described what happened to me. It was like the universe held a stop sign in front of my face and said, “Okay bitch, if you are not going to slow down, we are going to do it for you.” And it did. BigContinue reading “Vitality”

No, I am not “better” today..

My entire life, I have been so fortunate to have amazing people surround me. I have met people from all over the place as I have lived in many places, visited many places and have been involved in various aspects of community living that has allowed me to engage with people at deeply personal levels.Continue reading “No, I am not “better” today..”

The day that changed everything……

October 20, 2019 I successfully finished the CrossFit Open 20.2 workout at the gym and after I did, I hung out for almost an hour, talking to friends I hadn’t seen because I had been away in Arizona. I gathered my things and proceeded to leave as it was almost Noon at this point andContinue reading “The day that changed everything……”

The week before the heart attack….business as usual

I had booked a trip to the Grand Canyon in the early Summer 2019. Since getting divorced, I have always attempted to visit one new place per year to be able to make an informed decision about where I will move after my kids graduate from high school.  This was one of those trips. IContinue reading “The week before the heart attack….business as usual”